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Step into the world of hidden object games! This is one of the most relevant places for playing hidden objects as well as other similar games. Simply, as they are entertainment for the all family members, these games are intended for all age groups. Furthermore, on this site you can always exercise your brain skills and at the same time have fun! All offered contents are completely free and intended for online playing. If you wish to relieve yourself from stress and at the same time exercise your mental skills this is the place for you!

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Your job is to investigate this shocking murder.

CollectorsAntique Collector
This is the game for all antique shoppers...

Desert CityDesert City
Test your archaeologist skills in this ancient city.

WaveThe Black Wave
Your job in this investigation is to find the clues.

Treasure ShipTreasure Ship
Repair the broken ship in this game.

Your job is to search this old warehouse and find something.

Fairy TaleFairy Tale
This young girl is lost in a place from the fairy tales.

Go deep inside the forest of the elves to complete your quest.

Fairies KingdomFairies Kingdom
Solve the secret of the magical creatures from the Fire Age!

The PrancingThe Prancing Dragon
Earn your stay by helping us a bit around here.

After RenovationAfter Renovation
The workers left the hotel in a mess. Help clean it up.

RenovationThe Renovation Company
Sell the old things to earn some money.

RootsThe Roots
Do your best to earn some money for this farm!

Honey, someone broke into our house. Hurry home!

Birthday PartyBirthday Party
Kids are having a party. Try to save our valuable things!

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