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Step into the world of hidden object games! This is one of the most relevant places for playing hidden objects as well as other similar games. Simply, as they are entertainment for the all family members, these games are intended for all age groups. Furthermore, on this site you can always exercise your brain skills and at the same time have fun! All offered contents are completely free and intended for online playing. If you wish to relieve yourself from stress and at the same time exercise your mental skills this is the place for you!

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WoodshopToymakers Woodshop
The toys are coming to life at night. These toys are alive!

BayouThe Bayou Mystery
Explore a swamp region to find the monster.

ShowtimeIt's Showtime
Your job is to remove the mess from the stage.

Explore this beautiful and exotic place...

CelebCeleb Break-in
Popular country singer just reported that her villa has been broken into.

Step into the house to explore your inheritance.

Painters ColonyPainters Colony
Find your inspiration in this creative challenge.

PainterPainter's Daughter
This is the story of the popular painter and his daughter.

The Flower RunThe Flower Run
Step into the flower forest and pick the most beautiful flowers.

Cursed TempleCursed Temple
Try to explore this long forgotten cursed temple.

Toy ThiefToy Thief
Your mission in this game is to catch the toy thief.

DesertKingdom of the Desert
This is the beautiful story of the desert kingdom.

Planet ShillonPlanet Shillon
Prepare yourself for an exciting space trip...

People of Draconia! You must evacuate this forest.

RabbitThe Rabbit Hole
I was chasing a white rabbit and I followed him down.

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